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    Reality and Fantasy in the Occult World.


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    Reality and Fantasy in the Occult World.

    Post by J on Mon 29 Sep 2008, 3:25 am

    Another quote from Arcanus.

    When you practice the occult you're not going to shoot fireballs out of your ass and you're not going to be able to kill with the blink of an eye. This is called reality, the acts of occult are very rigorous and scientific, there's nothing "supernatural" about magic, it's simply energy. Manipulation of tiny bits of matter, if you will. When you cast a spell for money, gold will not drop in front of you on the ground in a pentagram, instead, the money would more than likely come from the death of a relative. The occult is nothing more than unknown knowledge of an art of mental training.

    The process is as simple as follows, the mind creates something that is not yet existent, out of an unknown vendor that Occultists tend to call 'ethers'. Much like a hypochondriac creates a sickness within themselves by believing they are sick, with enough belief, they feel it and it becomes a real symptom.

    Now, the affects of the casted spell? Everyone listen very closely....You cannot "see" the results of ethers, it works naturally, not supernaturally. You'll never get decent results if you're always believing that you get whatever you want, regardless of how major the task. Be reminded: it's your mind doing the work, you can only do what your mind is capable of doing and ethers don't affect huge portions of matter. You're thinking maybe the affect of some molecules, which can be great, but won't because there's somethings your mind cannot comprehend on that level of a magnitude.

    When casting a spell, you do not focus directly on what you want, instead you focus on a smaller feat that could 'create' the result you want through intricate evolutions of nature. Not instant sprouting flowers, more like: seed planted and you now just wait for the result.

    Once again, you're not going to be doing stupid shit like flying. The only time you're going to fly is in an aircraft, or when you're hallucinating. So don't even ask about it. If it is not real, than you cannot effect it. And with all of that being said: I'm hoping we won't have to look through ignorant posts, but as it stands, most people are ignorant on the subject. Now, I can be understanding of the fact of ignorance, however, it won't be over-looked as ignorance and you will more than likely get shunned for your stupidity and ignorance.

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